Imagination Pilots is a company structured for nimble, market-reactive development of multimedia entertainment and educational software products. The organization of Imagination Pilots' professional staff applies the creative , technical and business expertise required for the development of innovative and financially successful software products.

Strategic partnerships and long-term distribution relationships with several industry giants allow Imagination Pilots to create and deliver its products to the retail shelves quickly and pervasively.

Established in 1993 and headed by Howard A. Tullman, a founder of several multi-million dollar information industry companies, Imagination Pilots includes individuals whose accomplishments range from award-winning films, live action games and music videos, and pioneering development of object-oriented software languages to composition and production of music for the musical ranges of video and game environments.

Supplementing the resources of its 15-member Chicago staff with the services of musicians, programmers and writers located throughout the world, Imagination Pilots maintains the resources needed for flexible use of emerging multimedia technology and development skills.

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