ERASER TURNABOUT, a CD ROM game based on the Warner Bros. film "Eraser" starring Arnold Schwarzenegger. The title was developed using Intel's new MMX technology, and was released in January of 1997 concurrently with the new machines.
BLOWN AWAY, CD ROM cinematic game sequel to the MGM/UA movie of the same name, released November, 1994, published by IVI Publishing, Inc. Awards and honors include selection as one of 1995's twenty best titles by Computer Life and the Gold 1995 NewMedia Award.
PANIC IN THE PARK CD ROM cinematic game with a cast of 30 actors, released September, 1995, published by Warner Active. Newsday's reviwer praised PANIC IN THE PARK for "laugh out loud funny" dialogue, acting and sophisticated cinematic elements.

Download the demo (1.57MB)

WHERE'S WALDO AT THE CIRCUS and WHERE'S WALDO EXPLORING GEOGRAPHY, two titles with CD ROM animation that is entirely faithful to artist Martin Handford's creation. Published by Warner Active, the first title was released in October, 1995, followed by release of Where's Waldo Exploring Geography in spring, 1996.

Download demo of WHERE'S WALDO AT THE CIRCUS here (1.41MB)

VIRTUAL K'NEX, Use virtual K'Nex parts to build five different K'Nex vehicles, each with it's own action-packed game. Complete all the games to rescue the K-Force from the clutches of the evil Rex Edifice. Published by Fox Interactive, June, 1998

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